Conference Panel

ISP presents results at ISA Annual Convention

ISP convenes panels at ISA to shed light on conditions of post-conflict peace and violence control

The ISP network will present results of its work at this year’s Annual Convention of the International Studies Association (ISA) from 26-29 March 2014 in Toronto, Canada. One of the premier venues for connecting scholars and practitioners in fields of international studies since 1959, ISA’s Annual Convention promotes a platform to reflect and discuss results of the work of the ISP network and its affiliates.

In a first panel on “Securing the Peace? Understanding Conditions of Peace on a Local and National Level”, the question of causes and conditions of peace is explored by researchers from the network. They will present their studies on cases such as Liberia, Kosovo, or power-sharing countries worldwide and combine different analytical levels with diverse theoretical explanations for peace causes. A second panel on “Postwar Violence Control – Between Global Policies and Local Needs” focuses on security aspects and will elaborate on the specific patterns of interaction between international, transnational and local dynamics of violence and security production.

For more information please see the ISA’s homepage.