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Determinants and Effects of Institutional Choices in Divided Societies

ISP researchers explore the origins and implications of institutional choice for sustainable peace in divided and post-war societies in a recent Special Issue of Civil Wars.

What are the effects of particular institutional arrangements on sustainable peace? And do specific characteristics of peace processes affect institutional choices? The authors of this special issue provide answers to these questions in their individual contributions.

All authors of this special issue share the view that institutions have an impact on the prospects of peace after war. However, there are quite distinct positions on the exact causal mechanisms at work defended by the contributors and they also use different research methods, both quantitative and qualitative. Some contributions have a global and others a more regional focus on their specific themes. Most authors of this special issue acknowledge that institutional choice may not be the only determinant for peace, but that the context (e.g. war termination) and actor behaviour (international and domestic actors) play an important role in the implementation of peace as well.

You can access the Special Issue electronically here (gated) and you find a list of the individual contributions to the Special Issue listed below.