Exchange Program

The ISP network provides the financial and logistical support for several academic exchanges among network partners and the GIGA. By bringing together excellent senior and junior scholars on different institutions in post-war societies, the ISP network seeks to institutionalize an exchange of ideas and cooperation among network partners to create mutually benefiting and lasting research relationships. The research stays specifically serve to develop new research ideas among network partners, consolidate existing collaborations and produce joint publications and research projects on the network’s thematic focus to advance our knowledge on institutions for sustainable peace.

Previous exchanges within the ISP network

Network partners at GIGA

  • Caroline Hartzell (Gettysburg College, USA) joins GIGA for research on power-sharing between May and June 2014
  • Benjamin Reilly (Murdoch University, Australia) joined GIGA for research on a power-sharing index in April 2014
  • Nina von Uexküll (Uppsala University, Sweden) joined GIGA for research on a codebook on conflicts with non-state actors between May and June 2012

GIGA researchers joining network institutions