Conference Panel

Institutions for Sustainable Peace - Research Gaps and Challenges

ISP panel at the International Studies Association Annual Conference, San Francisco, 3rd April 2013
Sabine Kurtenbach
Benjamin Reilly and Anna K. Jarstad
Institutions for Sustainable Peace Network


  • Timothy Sisk: Designing Institutions for Peace in Deeply Divided Societies: What we Know, What we Don't, Why it Matters
  • Nadine Ansorg et. al.: Groping in the dark? A critical examination of datasets on institutions and conflict in divided societies?
  • Gerald Schneider and Ursula Daxecker: Competing Monitor Assessments and the Domestic Consequences of International Election Observation
  • Christof Hartmann: The Prospects of Territorial Power-Sharing in Africa
  • Keith Krause: 'From the Bottom Up’: Statebuilding Strategies of Local Actors in Post-Conflict Peacebuilding