Conference Panel

Building peace in the shadow of war: Dynamics of institutional change in conflict societies

ISA Presidential Theme Panel
Sabine Kurtenbach, GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies
Joakim Kreutz, (Swedish Institute for International Affairs)
ISP Network

Change in political institutions is a common feature of post-conflict societies. The termination of armed conflict sets the stage for warring parties and third-party mediators to find a compromise on conflicting interests and to set up new institutional designs for the time after armed conflict. Institutional change in conflicted societies may thus contribute to long-term conflict mitigation. Academic research has however produced only limited theoretical arguments and empirical evidence on the distinct phenomenon of institutional change under the specific circumstance of former or ongoing war. Under which conditions do political institutions change in the aftermath of armed conflict – and how? Is there a trade-off between institutional stability, democracy, and peace? The panel seeks to uncover structural and actor-centric drivers of different trajectories of post-conflict institutional change from a multidisciplinary and cross-area perspective. In both quantitative and qualitative studies it seeks to reveal the particular dynamics of war to peace transitions in post-conflict societies. It critically questions conventional approaches to peacebuilding and includes debates on hybridity of institutional arrangements.

Consociationalism after Civil War: The Case of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Author: Matthijs Bogaards (Jacobs University Bremen)

Assessing the Relationship between Power-Sharing and Transitional Justice in Post-Conflict Contexts: An Evidence-Based Approach
Author: Stefan Wolff (University of Birmingham)
Author: Christalla Yakinthou (University of Western Australia)

Ending resource-related conflicts: a framework of lootable resource management and post-conflict stabilization
Author: Vita Thormann (GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies)

Institutional change in post-conflict societies. Road to peace or risk of renewed violence?
Author: Nadine Ansorg (German Institute of Global and Area Studies)

Shadow of the Past or Shadow of the Future? On the Origins of Power-Sharing
Author: Gerald Schneider (University of Konstanz)

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