Network Conference

2nd ISP Network Conference: Harmony or Cacophony? The "Concert of Institutions" in Divided Societies

GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies

The second conference systematically dealt with the interaction between and interdependence of the different institutions in divided societies and post-conflict situations identified within the network project. Evident examples are the close relationship between the judiciary and the security sector, between party regulations and the electoral and government systems. Less explored but nevertheless important is the relationship between territorial state structure and the security sector or between the judiciary and the government system (who makes which rules for whom?).

Conference Day I

11:00‐12:45 First Panel: Divisions and Institutions I

Chair: Scott Gates Discussant: Håvard Hegre

Matthias Basedau: One size fits all? Preliminary thoughts on the conditional effect of institutions

Tore Wig: Peace from the Past: Precolonial Political Institutions and Ethnic Conflict in Africa, 1950‐2010

Nadine Ansorg, Matthias Basedau, Felix Haaß, Julia Strasheim: Presenting a Concept for a New Database on Institutions of the Security Sector (DSSI)

14:15‐16:00 Second Panel: Divisions and Institutions II

Chair: Sabine Kurtenbach Discussant: Susanne Buckley‐Zistel

Stephan Rosiny: The Lebanese Ta’if‐agreement (1989): A cacophony of power‐sharing instruments and its lessons for the Middle East

Amir Khnifess: Power Sharing and Political Stability Among Arab‐Palestinians in Israel

Pritish Behuria: Making Institutions Safe – Reproducing desired social relations and getting rid of “natural” conflicting relations in Post‐1994 Rwanda

Conference Day II

9:15‐11:15 Third Panel: Concert of Institutions I

Chair: Andreas Mehler Discussant: Hanne Fjelde

Tatyana Kelman Kisin: The Effects of Electoral Systems Choice and Political Parties on Peace Duration in Post Conflict Societies

Matthijs Bogaards: Consociationalism after Civil War: Peace Agreements instead of Amicable Agreement

Scott Gates (with Kaare Strøm, Ben Graham, Yonatan Lupu, Håvard Strand): Power Sharing and Peace

Helga Binningsbø: Peace after War: The Prolonging Effect of Power Sharing

12:45‐14:45 Fourth Panel: Concert of Institutions II

Chair: Susanne Buckley‐Zistel Discussant: Matthijs Bogaards

Andreas Mehler: Police Reform and Decentralization in the Local Arena

Phil Clark: What International Criminal Justice Means When it Talks about Cooperation: Complementarity and the Barriers to Multi‐Level Accountability in Central Africa

Aisling Lyon and Ulrike G. Theuerkauf (with Stefan Wolff): Territorial self‐governance: an effective institutional approach to territorycentred conflict management?

Fletcher D. Cox: Challenges to Engineering Social Cohesion: Too Much Inclusion in Post‐conflict Nepal?

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